Alert: Close RUT boxcar

Ticker: RUT
Price: $1907.40
Date: 1/27/23 12:30 pm
Underlying: Russell 2000 Index

Est. Net Credit: With adjustment $2850; without adjustment $35- $70; 

Master Portfolio Contracts: 7

Notes: Close the RUT boxcar

If you did not get filled on the RUT diagonal adjustment – close the boxcar.
If you did get filled on the RUT diagonal adjustment, close the boxcar AND the adjustment.

Be patient and work the order.  

Trade Detail:

Close Boxcar Adjustment:
STC 2x 17-FEB 1850 call
BTC 2x 10-FEB 1860 call
Price: 13.90 credit

Close the Boxcar:

STC 7x 10-FEB 1825 put
BTC 7x 10-FEB 1820 put
BTC 7x 10-FEB 1750 put
STC 7x 10-FEB 1725 put
Net credit 0.05 – 0.15