Small Account Trader PRO Alert: Roll EEM Short Options

EEM is our long-term income play on emerging markets. Our short options expire this Friday (3/17). Let’s go ahead and adjust now paying a debit to roll our put out and down while collecting a similar size credit to roll our call out.




iShares Emerging Markets ETF (EEM):  37.86


TRADE ACTION 1:  ROLL the EEM 17 Mar 40 put to the 14 Apr 39.50 put for a net debit of 0.38 to 0.40

BTC the EEM 17 Mar 40 put

STO the EEM 14 Apr 39.50 put


TRADE ACTION 2:  ROLL the EEM 17 Mar 39 call to the 14 Apr 39 call for a net credit of around 0.40 to 0.42

BTC the ETM 17 Mar 39 call

STO the EEM 14 Apr 39 call


Master Portfolio:  5 contracts