Small Account Trader PRO Alert: Close Holiday Trade

We opened several “optional” Holiday Trades from members at our 12/23 live trading session. One of those trades was a TSM LEAP call spread. TSM goes ex-dividend tomorrow (3/16) and the short call is ITM. ONLY if you made that TSM trade, close the TSM 17 Mar (23) 75 call / 17 Jan (25) 70 call for a net credit of around 14.60 to 14.80.


Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM):  85.88



BTC the TSM 17 Mar (23) 75 call

STC the TSM 17 Jan (25) 70 call


For a net credit of 14.60 to 14.80. Closing this trade will result in a break-even to a very small profit on one contract.