Alert: Close RUT

Ticker: RUT
Price: $1736.75
Date: 3/23/23 12:29 pm EST
Underlying: Russell 2000 Index

Est. Net Credit/Debit: $19.50 – 23.10 debit

Master Portfolio Contracts: 10


With the expiration occurring tomorrow, we need to manage our adjusted RUT boxcar slash iron butterfly. Prices move to our advantage a little bit today. We can close it cheaper today than we could yesterday. This is a two-part trade. We will be closing the existing trade and then opening a second trade to try to cover the cost of the paper losses and offset the credit a little more. Be patient, work the order. We will send the order out in two separate alerts just to make sure nobody confuses them.

Close the existing spread as below. I am seeing prices bounce between 19.50 and 23.10

Trade Detail:

Close Position

– 10x 24-MAR 1750 put
10x 24-MAR 1775 put
+ 10x 24-MAR 1775 call
– 10X 24-MAR 1800 call
Price: 19.50 – 23.10