Alert: Adjustment – CAT partial close

Ticker: CAT
Price: $229.69
Date: 4/3/23 12:00 pm
Underlying: Caterpillar

Master Portfolio Contracts: 10

Notes:  Similar to OIH we have profits in the longer-term CAT calendar. But our short-term calendar can be closed for a minor credit today.

Leave the CAT 28 Apr 235/16 Jun 230 put diagonal alone. We will probably take some profits off that trade in the next few days.


Trade Detail:

CAT Trade 1: Sell/STC the 6 APR 215/14 Apr 215 put calendar for a credit of around 0.56 – 0.62 (start higher and work the order lower as needed)

BTC +10x the 6 APR 215 put
STC -10x the 14 Apr 215 put

 Trade Position After Adjustments:

+10 CAT 16-JUN 230 put
-10 CAT 28-APR 235 put