Alert: Close SPX Dragonfly

Ticker: SPX
Price: $4110.34
Date: 5/5/23 10:00 AM

Underlying: S&P 500 Index Fund

Est. Net Debit/Credit: $100 debit (or less)

Master Portfolio Contracts: 5 (and 10)

NOTE:  Let’s take this opportunity to close our SPX dragonfly for profits.  It’s been a challenging week in the market, so let’s take a win where we can and get ready to reset later today!  

**Update 10:08a – you MAY be able to close this for a credit.


Trade Detail:

STC 5x SPX 12 MAY 4025 put
BTC 10x SPX 12 MAY 3990 put
STC 5x SPX 12 MAY 3925 put

Price 0.05 – 0.20 debit (Prices are wide!  Start low and work your way higher)