Small Account Trader PRO Alert: CLOSE XBI Iron Condor (7 JUL)

S&P Biotech ETF (XBI): 87.49


We’re going to close out of 7-JUL XBI iron condor.  This originally started out as our 2-JUN rung of the laddered iron condor, and we’ve adjusted and managed this position back to profits.  We can now close out of this position with about $50 per contract in profits! 

TRADE ACTION: Close the 7-JUL XBI iron condor for a debit of around 0.95 – 1.00

BTC XBI 7 JUL 90 call
STC XBI 7 JUL 95 call
BTC XBI 7 JUL 79 put
STC XBI 7 JUL 74 put

The master portfolio is trading 5 contracts