Alert: Close RUT boxcar and adjustment

Ticker: RUT
Price: $1890.83
Date: 1/24/23 11:50 am
Underlying: Russell 2000 Index

Est. Net Credit: $4,380

Master Portfolio Contracts: 10 (boxcar); 4 (adjustment)

Notes: Close RUT boxcar and adjustment

Trade Detail:

Close Boxcar
STC -10x  RUT 27-JAN 1830 put
BTC +10x  RUT 27-JAN 1825 put
Price: 0.32 credit

BTC +10x RUT 27-JAN 1760 put
STC -10x  RUT 27-JAN 1735 put
Price: 0.10 debit

Close Boxcar adjustment
BTC +4x RUT 27-JAN 1850 call
STC -4x RUT 30-JAN 1840 call
Price: 10.40 credit

Net Credit: $10.62

Total Profits after closing boxcar and adjustment: $910