Alert: Close OIH Boxcar Trade

Ticker: OIH
Price: $329.50
Date: 3/6/23 11:00 am
Underlying: Vaneck Oil Services ETF

Master Portfolio Contracts: 5

Notes:  Close the OIH boxcar and adjustment.  There are 5 legs to this order and we’re closing out all of them.  Note, that trade action 1 has a different number of contracts due to the adjustments we’ve made on this trade over time.  

Trade Detail:
Trade Action 1: Note the difference in contracts for this order
STC 10x OIH 10 MAR 290 put
BTC 5X OIH 10 MAR 305 put
Price: 0.75 debit

Trade Action 2:
BTC 10x OIH 10 MAR 317.5 put
STC 10x OIH 10 MAR 320 put
Price: 0.55 credit

Trade Action 3:
BTC 5x OIH 10 MAR 310 put
Price: 0.80 debit