Alert: Adjust RUT Boxcar

Ticker: RUT
Price: $1783.50
Date: 3/10/23 1:05 pm EST
Underlying: Russell 2000 Index

Est. Net Credit/Debit: $950 credit

Master Portfolio Contracts: 10

Notes: Adjust the RUT boxcar.  RUT has moved down with the market. While our boxcar is still under the tent, we need to do an adjustment now that will give us additional movement next week if it keeps moving down and will also not limit us to the upside if it rebounds.


This is a two-part trade. We are closing for profits on the upper debit spread put leg by closing the 1850 / 1845 puts. We are then buying a new debit spread at the 1800 /1795 spread.

 Be patient and work the order.  

Trade Detail:

Trade Action 1:
STC -10x 24- MAR 1850 put
BTC +10x 24-MAR 1845 put

Price:  3.50 credit

Trade Action 2:
BTO +10x 24-MAR 1800 put
STO -10x 24-MAR 1795 put

Price: 2.55 debit

Position After Adjustment:
+ 10x 24-MAR 1750 put
– 10x 24-MAR 1775 put
– 10x 24-MAR 1795 put
10x 24-MAR 1800 put