Alert: OPTIONAL: Open SPX Dragonfly

Ticker: SPX
Price: $3,938.03
Date: 3/24/23 12:15 AM

Underlying: S&P 500 Index Fund

Est. Net Debit/Credit: $375 credit or higher

Master Portfolio Contracts: 5

NOTE: We understand it’s been a challenging few weeks.  However, our Dragonfly trades have been working.  We will trade and track this in the master portfolio.  If you are uncomfortable placing an additional trade, skip it.  As with any of our trades, this is optional.  We’re limiting the margin to $10,000, but you can adjust the contract size if your margin requirements need to be lower. 

Trade Detail:

BTO +5x  SPX 6-APR 3875 put
STO -10x SPX 6-APR  3835 put
BTO +5   SPX 6-APR  3775 put

Price: 0.75 – 1.25 credit
Prices are wide!  Start high and work the order lower.

Margin Requirement: $10,020