Alert: Open second XBI calendar as an adjustment

Ticker: XBI
Price: $75.83
Date: 3/29/23 11:15 am
Underlying: S&P Biotech ETF

Est. Net Debit/Credit: $4000 debit

Master Portfolio Contracts: 20

Notes: We are opening another put calendar spread because the puts are cheaper and this will put us in the middle of two profit peaks.


Trade Detail:

Open calendar
+20 XBI 19-MAY 78 put
-20 XBI 6-APR 78 put
Trade price: 1.97 – 2.10 (start lower than the mid price and work your way up)

Position after trade detail:
+20 XBI 19-MAY 73 put
-20 XBI 6-APR 73 put

+20 XBI 19-MAY 78 put
-20 XBI 6-APR 78 put