Alert: QQQ roll

Ticker: QQQ
Price: $368.23
Date: 6/15/23 12:45 pm
Underlying: Invesco QQQ Trust ETF

Master Portfolio Contracts: 7

Notes:  The QQQs continue to take off, even after news of future rate hikes coming.  We are going to continue rolling the calls out in time and roll the options up to capture $2 in capital appreciation.

Trade Detail: 

Trade Action : Roll calls for around a 0.05 credit to a 0.10 debit (start with a credit and adjust as needed to roll, even if paying a slight debit) 

BTC the 15 Jun 354 call
STO the 30 Jun 356 call

Portfolio Position After Trade Actions:

-7 QQQ 18 AUG 350 put
+7 QQQ 
18 AUG 345 put
+7 QQQ 
18 AUG 347 call
-7 QQQ  30 JUN 356 call